Leo Delaney

We wish to thank you for your excellent service in creating our website www.canadarailwaytimes.com.

This site is very extensive and has many different articles and lessons useful to students and teachers throughout the school systems ofCanada. It is recognized as part of the curriculum ofQuebec’s Ministry of Education.

The site covers many aspects of railways and their effect on the history of Canada. It celebrates the 150th anniversary of the opening of theVictoriaBridge and has been endorsed by His Highness the Prince of Wales, whose ancestor officiated at the opening of the Bridge and of the Grand Trunk Railway (now the CN Railway).

The site was difficult to create and required considerable ingenuity on the part of Global Access to make it the attractive site which it has become.

We recommend this firm as an excellent creator of web sites and commend the assistance provided by the principal Ali Mohammadi who listened carefully to our demands and then met them speedily, efficiently and economically.

– Leo Delaney / Chairman
– Sam Allison / Vice Chairman
– Jeanie Johnston Educational Foundation Inc.