Ali Mohammadi
Founder / Project Manager

When Ali Mohammadi bought his first computer (a Mac Classic with a 40 MB Hard Drive) in 1991 and designed his first website in 1997, he never imagined that his entire professional life would eventually revolve around the fast-paced Internet industry.  But after acquiring expertise in all aspects of website design, programming and hosting, he decided to use his knowledge to help business owners establish and maintain a strong and profitable presence on the web.

In 2003, when he founded Global Access Group in Montreal, Quebec, he was determined to create “a different kind of web presence company.”  His goal was to be there for customers who didn’t like having their calls answered by overseas operators who would pass them from one department to another without resolving their issues, never speaking to the same person twice, and generally being treated as merely a number.  At Global Access Group, customer calls are answered by Global Access Group team members and Ali knows every one of his clients by name.

In addition to personalized service, few companies have the credentials, infrastructure and technical expertise to provide a system as reliable as Global Access Group’s.  We are extremely proud of our impressive record of uninterrupted web hosting service.  Outages are extremely rare and when they do occur, our customers can reach us easily and know that we’ll have them back up and running – FAST.

To learn more about Global Access Group’s personalized customer service and exceptional reliability, security and results-oriented Internet solutions – at no cost and with no obligation – contact Ali Mohammadi or Global Access Group today.