Heidi Reinblatt

Ali Mohammadi and his team at Global Access took my vision for the modern, visually appealing and user-friendly website I wanted for our organization and made it a reality.  Not only am I thrilled with the finished product, but every step of the process was handled with the utmost in professionalism, impressive technical knowledge and […]

Leo Delaney

We wish to thank you for your excellent service in creating our website www.canadarailwaytimes.com. This site is very extensive and has many different articles and lessons useful to students and teachers throughout the school systems ofCanada. It is recognized as part of the curriculum ofQuebec’s Ministry of Education. The site covers many aspects of railways […]

Frederick Beaver

We at Plomberie Chauffage Beaver would like to take the time to extremely thank Global Access Technologies for the service rendered. We had a web site designed by the team and were extremely satisfied, Ali Mohammadi, the project manager  from Global Access, was there every step of the way form answering our extremely numerous calls, to going […]

Dimitri Smolens

Ali Mohamadi is the person  to go to when you are expecting an outstanding service from a highly qualified professional. Through my BNI chapter, we have assigned Global Access to create a website for our chapter with specific requirements and with very optimistic budget projection. The attention that Ali and his team gave to our […]

Liz MacRae

I am super happy with the job Global Access has done for me.  They are prompt, professional, offers great suggestions, and I never have to wait long for them to reply to an email or to get the job done. I think they are great and I recommend them highly! – Liz MacRae, Voice-over Specialist/Actress – www.lizmacrae.com

Why use Social Media?

In recent years, on-line social media has become a popular medium for communication and has made an undeniable impact on modern life and society. From the political spectrum to its business and marketing implications, tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have played major roles, from leading corporate and personal brand identity campaigns to inciting revolutions. Although new […]

The Changing World of Web Design

When I was in high school in the mid-1990s, no one had an email address, a Facebook profile page, a Twitter account or even a mobile device. Even though I had my first computer, a Mac Classic with 4 MB of RAM and a 40 MB Hard Drive in 1992, it was not until 1995 that I […]

Does your business need a Facebook page?

Many businesses are taking advantage of the age of social media. However, the process of maintaining an on-line presence can be both confusing and time-intensive. That’s why it is important to invest your time and money only in the most appropriate social media and to consider several questions before deciding to establish a presence on Facebook. Do […]

Does your business need a website?

If you were given a store to run, would you put out an eye-catching sign to let passers-by know what you have to offer inside? Would you build an attractive entrance and design the store so as to entice people to come in and browse? Would you invest in high quality marketing materials to help […]

Ali Mohammadi
Founder / Project Manager

When Ali Mohammadi bought his first computer (a Mac Classic with a 40 MB Hard Drive) in 1991 and designed his first website in 1997, he never imagined that his entire professional life would eventually revolve around the fast-paced Internet industry.  But after acquiring expertise in all aspects of website design, programming and hosting, he […]